Stokes Basket Rescue Harness

How does your department package a patient in a rescue litter during rope operation?  

Too often this important task is overlooked. 

MLFGEAR.COM has manufactured the Basket Positioning Harness; it is a quick and simple way to secure an injured patient into a rescue litter for horizontal, vertical and/or inverted movement.  This is a full body harness system that works equally well with patients packaged on Miller boards or backboards.  It is designed for speedy application, durability, and maximum training retention. This harness is a must for technical rescue teams, industrial rescue teams, ladder trucks, heavy rescue squads and any group that performs rope rescue operations.  The Basket Positioning Harness is ANSI A10.14 rated.  The cost of the harness is $350.00 + $15.00 shipping inside the USA.

Stokes Basket Harness

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