Stone Ridge Woodworks

Rustic unique woodworking!

The joy of woodworking for me comes from finding a piece of limb or an old board from a collapsed barn and making something that will be cherished and last for years.  Almost all items are from reclaimed wood and are as Eco friendly as possible.

Items we normally make - 

Rustic desk name plates - limbs from fallen or dead trees cut and sanded.  Purchaser places order, selects font style and logos for ends and I burn the letters into the wood.  We can also place vinyl on wood at a cheaper price.


Rustic Office Door Name Plates - I take a limb and cut it on the table saw to get the center grain.  Purchases places order, selects font style and I burn the letters onto the wood.  Vinyl can be placed on wood at a cheaper price.


Custom Business Card Holders - Card holders made from limbs or log cabin chinking wood.  Nails are antique hand forged and we also use broken authentic Indian arrow heads.


Rustic Wine Racks - wine rack and wine glass holders.  Custom sizes available.  3 wine bottle holder - $30, 4 wine bottle holder $35.  Balancing wine bottle boards also available for $10 each. 


 Dog and Cat bowl holders - Unique food bowl holders made to order to the specific size of your dog.  Measure from the floor to your dog's chest.


Many of our items are for sale on ETSY.COM.  Go to and in the search box write Stoneridgewoodworks or click on the RED ETSY.COM below.   Orders can be made through ETSY or you can call or email us.

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