The Shenandoah Valley is a beautiful place for motorcycle riding and horseback riding.  Most of the horseback riding trails also are great for mountain biking. 

Kennedy’s Peak Loop Horseback Ride


Total Ascent               1586’

Max Height                 2593’

Distance                      8.82 miles

Moving Speed Av.      3.4 mph

Max Speed                  22 mph

Moving time               2 hours 36 min

Stopped time               15 min.  (Not including lunch)

Difficulty                    3 on scale 1-5


Great Trail, wonderful views

Follow yellow trail from parking area to top of mountain, turn right follow the signs, we ride the horses within site of the old stone structure built by the CC boys in the 30’s as a fire watch

Trail is beautiful, there are quite a few rock and steep drop offs on the side of the trails.


Parking area  will hold 5 or so trailers.



Camp Roosevelt which is just below the parking area was the first Conservation Corp. camp.  The CC boys built the observation cabin at the top of Kennedy’s peak and would go up for two weeks at a time on fire watch before being relieved.  The structure is still there and is were we eat lunch…a beautiful view!  On the way down just before the parking area you will see some earthworks that are not natural to the area.  On 3/7/06 while riding though we saw a professor form UVA and a student studying the formations.  These were open iron ore mines from the mid 1800’s for Caroline Furnace.


Horses should be in shape and have shoes for this adventure.  Cell phones work most of the way.  No known hazards in the area

Laurel Run – North Mountain – Stack Rock Trail Loop Horseback Ride


Total Ascent               2105’

Max Height                 3263’

Distance                      11.8 miles

Moving Speed Av.      3.8 mph

Max Speed                  21.3 mph

Moving time               3 hours 06 min

Stopped time               35 min.  (Not including lunch)

Difficulty                    3 on scale 1-5


Great Trail

North Mtn trail has great views but is rocky

Stack rock trail is steep coming down from top, many switchbacks, horses did not mind the ride.


Alternate ride would be to ride up Judge Rye Trail to top the come back down the road instead of traveling the North Mtn. Trail.  Taking the road back is 5.8 miles from the top to the parking area.


Parking area will hold 10 or so trailers, also room to park rigs along the road.



Mining and railroad, you can still see the old railroad track location if you are observant.  Pay close attention at the stream near the intersection as you start your ride.

Judge Rye trail got its name from an old traveling Judge that used the trail in the 1800’s to get from West Virginia to Virginia (all Virginia in those days) to tend to business.


Nice area for lunch or to camp at the top of the mountain a few hundred yards prior to the road.  A small pond and fire pit is nestled into the landscape.  We normally stop there for a nice long break.


Horses should be in shape and have shoes for this adventure.  Cell phones work for most of the trip as you head up the mountain.  No known hazards although one can always come across recently blown down trees.